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20 years

September 18th - 20th, 2020. Härkälinna, Hauho.

Get ready for the hottest gala of the year. It’s time for a very special celebration. Dress up in your best, it’s time to get all fancy-like for two full decades of Jumalauta.

There will be compos, DJ sets and other fun activities. We will also have a very special event: The Jumalauta Awards Gala.


We will be streaming all the compos and some of the other program on Twitch. See party schedule.

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Disclaimer: The party location is quite remote and internet connectivity is not great. Because of this, there might be interruptions and the quality of the stream can suffer.



The party place is once again Härkälinna in Hauho, Finland. The place is about 35 km from Hämeenlinna and 60 km from Tampere. For more information about the party place, check their website. We will of course have a sauna which we’ll try to keep warm whenever it’s needed. There might be some small snacks, but otherwise it’s basically bring-your-own-whatever There’s a kitchen in the castle you can use freely, but please take care of your dishes (there is a dishwasher) and trash.


We have booked some cabins right next to the castle, which are available for our guests. Each of the cabins will of course have beds for a handful of people and they are also equipped with fridges, microwave ovens, bathrooms and other amenities. There’s also beds for 20 or so people inside the castle in case you just want to crash there. The beds (both inside the castle and in the cabins) will have mattresses and pillows, but you should bring your own sleeping gear (e.g. sleeping bag or bed sheets, pillow cases etc.).


The party place is located in Hauho, about 35km from Hämeenlinna. The easiest way to get there is by your own car (or hitching a ride from your fellow Jumalauta members).

By car

Drive 2.5km from Hauho on route 12 towards Lahti. Turn left to route 3223 (Sappee, Luopioinen) and drive about 2 km. Turn left on sign “Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat” and drive down Leppäniementie about 2 km. When you arrive to a yellow farmhouse turn left and drive forward until you see the magnificent castle!

For GPS: Leppäniementie 196, 14700 Hauho

By public transport

You can get to Hämeenlinna by a train or a bus. Hauho also has a bus station. The party place is quite far from either, so please arrange someone to pick you up or be prepared to pay for a taxi. Organizers are not responsible for picking anyone up.


NOTE: The party is sold out. You snooze, you lose.

Regular: 35€

With the regular ticket you’ll get access to the main party place and its amenities. You’ll also get your own sleeping place inside the party place. The sleeping place will contain a mattress, blanket and a pillow. Please bring your own sleeping gear (bedsheets or a sleeping bag). JML Party Organizing is not responsible for lack of sleep caused by snoring sceners.

Premium: 55€

With the premium ticket, you’ll get all the same amenities as the regular ticket, and you’ll also get one place in a separate cabin. Because the cabin space is limited, you’ll have to share the cabin with 4-5 friendly Jumalauta members.


A demoparty is not a demoparty without compos. For the first time ever, because of this momentous special occasion we will have real cash money prizes in the compos. So do your best to compete against the best.

General Compo Rules

Jumalauta Demo

The main demo competition. The one and only Jumalauta Demo compo. Only Jumalauta demos are allowed. If you’re not a member of Jumalauta, don’t worry - you will be when you arrive at the party.

Jumalauta Wild

Have a wild idea for an entry that doesn’t fit in any other compo? This is the compo for it! Anything* goes, be it video, live performance, or whatever you can imagine.

*) Finnish laws may apply

Jumalauta Music

No theme this time. Just make a great track and enter it to this compo. Allowed Formats: MP3, FLAC and common tracker formats (XM, IT, MOD, ...)

Jumalauta Graphics

Make some awesome graphics on any platform. Hi-res, low-res, ANSI, ASCII, etc. Allowed formats: JPG & PNG. For ANSI/ASCII, we'll use Sahli.

Jumalauta Photo

Any photo goes here. Retouching is allowed.


Fast graphics compo. Last year’s winner will announce a theme at the party place and you will have 16 minutes to make an awesome graphics entry. Entries will be shown right after the entry deadline.

Compo Compo

Organize your own compo and enter it to the compo compo. May the best compo win.

Compo Machine

Announced Popup compos

Discgolf compo by Spiikki.

Jumalauta Awards

Because we are celebrating the 20 year anniversary of jumalauta we will have a special event for Friday night. We are hosting The JML Gala. So get your glamour on motherfuckers and present your best black tie inspired outfits on the JML red carpet.

Because we are a demoparty, the gala will of course include a compo (like duh). So for the first time we are presenting the Prize giving compo. How does it work:

  1. Let us know you want to participate. All participants will give a prize and get a prize (secret santa style).
  2. Get assigned a jumalautian who you will be giving a prize to.
  3. Invent a fitting price category for the person in question.
  4. Get a “trophy” or prize.
  5. Think three(3) others who are nominees for the prize.
  6. Send us your entry infos (by replying to this email): winner, the category and other nominees (pictures would be nice but not mandatory).
  7. Show up at gala and present your price and get a price. And don't forget to write your thank you speech.
  8. PROFIT!1!!<3



Deadline for participation: Send us the email that you want to participate and remember to tell us your JML handle.


We will send you the handle of the jumalautian you will give your prize to.


Deadline for your entry infos: winners JML handle, the category and other nominees (picks are a plus, but not mandatory).


Popup Compos

Want to organise your own compo? Great! We can help you set it up in the party system if you want entries and voting through that, but the rest is up to you. And don’t forget to enter it in the compo compo, where the best compo will win.

Game Compos

In addition to the compos listed on the Compos page and popup compos organised by our visitors, there’s probably going to be some game compos etc. TBD

Live Music

There might be some live music performances (TBD). Want to play live? Talk to us, we can make it happen.

Open Decks

Open call to all DJs. Bring your records and play some music. We’ll have plenty of empty slots in the schedule for everyone who wants to play.

We’ll have your basic 2 x Technics SL-1200 and a mixer setup. If you want to play CDs or digital, bring your own gear and we can hook it up.


We will try to keep the sauna warm whenever people want to Sauna. We will not have a palju this year and you can probably guess why.


All times in Finnish daylight saving time (GMT+3).


18:00 Party on!

20:30 Jumalauta Awards Red Carpet

21:00 Jumalauta Awards Gala

00:00 Disco all night & Kitchen party


13:00 Remote entry deadline

15:00 TurboGrafx-16

17:00 Deadline for compo block 1 (graphics, music, photo)

18:00 Compo block 1

20:00 Deadline for compo block 2 (demo, wild)

21:00 Compo block 2

00:00 Voting ends & Prize Giving Ceremony


14:00 Party over. Help us clean up and GTFO.